"So whos your friend?" Brandon asked. "I'm Matthew, and this is my number 1 friend, Snivy" Matthew Said. Snivy waved. They walked on to the next town.Brandon was quite. He then spoke " Please may I see your Pokemon Matthew!". 

"Sure! But I want to see yours to!"


They went into the park. "Ok guys GO!!!!" Brandon said. Reveleing he has Chespin, but also a Gwenwolf. "Me to" Catelin said. She sent out Her Frokie, Along with a Chancy and a Baby Rox. Paddy asked " Matthew! Please may we have a battle!"


The battle started. Paddy choose charmeleon and Matthew Choose Snivy. "I have the upper hand with a Fire type" Paddy said. Charmeleon started Iron Tail but Snivy avoided it. "That Snivy is Fast!" Catelin said. "Chareleon, use flamethorwer"  Paddy ordered, and charmelion used Flamethower. But then Matthew said "Snivy, Leaf Protect!"

"What?" The 3 friends said

Snivy started to break dance and used leaf storm. The leaves surronded snivy and protected it from the Flamethrower. When the leaf storm fired away, It hit charmelion and reveled that Snivy took 0-damage from the flamethrower

"HOW!!!!" Everyone but Matthew said.

"Haha" Matthew laughed "I use leaf storm as some kind of counter sheild< And since its so strong it can protect againist ANY move, Even fire, Flying, Ice and Poison type moves."

"Thats great for Paddy" Brandon said

"CHARMELION USE HEAT WAVE" Paddy said. "Snivy, Jump and Use Attract" Matthew asked. Snivy jumped (avoiding the heat wave) and sent multiple pink hearts flying at charmelion, Which caused him to stop attacking.

"What happened?" Brandon asked. "When attract takes effect, the pokemon of the oppersite gender can no longer attack" Matthew Explained. "Oh dear" Paddy said.

"Vine whip then leaf blade" Matthew said. Snivy hit charmelion with vine then leaf blade, knocking charmelion out.

"I win" matthew said. Charmelion woke up and started to give Snivy a firey look.

"I think charamelion has a rivalry with Snivy" Matthew said.

"Oh" Paddy said