Paddy and Matthew are walking down route 3. As paddy was looking for a pichu he spotted. He tries to capture it. It enters the pokeball, but escapes, it reveles to be a mr snoodle. It then runs off.

" What!" Brandon said depressed

" Don't just go on the colour, don't also give up all because its not pichu. If you try and catch it. Stick to it" Matthew said

The grass begins to shake. Paddy throws a pokeball at it, but it fairs and reveles to be a Scamp.

"Thats really rare! you shound try and catch it" Matthew said.

"But scamps a water type, charmander would get beat" paddy said

"Tell you what! do you me to battle it but you catch it" Matthew said.

"Yes please" Paddy said.

Matthew throws a pokemon and reveles his Gigi.

Scamps Summonds Hydro pump. " Gigi! Use Thunderbolt" Matthew shouted. Hydro pump and Thunderbolt hits. Scamp then releses a Blue attract. It hits Gigi but does nothing.

"What happened? It did nothing" Paddy said

"Attract affects a pokemon depending on gender. If the attract is blue, the pokemons a boy, if its pink, the pokemon is a girl. Since my Gigi is a boy and scamp is to, it does not work" Matthew Explains.

"GIGI'S A BOY!?!?!?!" Paddy said

"Oh well! Gigi use Quick attack." Matthew commaneds. Gigi Hits scamp head on. Scamp then hits Gigi with Razor leaf. Then, Scamp uses bounce but it collides with rainbow blast. "GIGI FINISH IT WITH SWIFT" Matthew commands. Gigi hits scamp and knocks it out.

"Paddy! Its your chance." Matthew said

" Go pokeball" Paddy said

This time it works and Paddy captued scamp

" Wicked" 


"Wow" Said 2 voices.

Paddy and Matthew turn around to see Brandon and catilen