It was Brandon's first day at the Pokemon Academy. He and his friends (Paddy and Dana) were sent to pick their first pokemon of their choice. Paddy, who is small in stature, chose Charmander, he had studied him for over 5 years, Dana, who has shoulder-length brown hair, chose Froakie, the water-type froggy, it was time for Brandon to choose his pokemon... "We have Igglypuff, Chespin and Pichu left! Choose wisely..." mentioned Professor Oak... Brandon squinted his eyes and grabbed the ball containing the cute grass-type. "Are you happy with your choice?" asked Prof. Oak.

"Yes." replied Brandon confidently,

"Then, in that fact, each take 10 pokeballs each, they may come in use" said Prof. Oak. Brandon ran towards the door without paying attention to who he was passing, "Hey, wait up!" yelled Dana as she and Paddy raced towards Brandon. They soon reached the pearly pastures,

"Hey look, there's a Riolu!" Roared Brandon as he pulled out his pokeball. All of a sudden a mysterious couple jumped out from behind the bushes, it was Logan and Chloe (their old rivals from school).

"Go Igglypuff! Use pound!" Yelled Logan (the mischeivous one) Chloe stepped back as the pink, fluffy pokemon attacked the Riolu.

"Hey! I was gonna catch that!" Raged Brandon "That's not fair!" "Of course it's fair, you was just chatting while you had the chance to get him." Manted Logan as he blended into a nearby crowd.

"Yeah, early bird gets the worm!" Said Chloe as she followed Logan, not being to far behind. 

"Gah! I hate them!" Raged Brandon as he put his pokeball containing Chespin away. 

"I wanna get a Pichu!" Announced Paddy.

"Go and search for him, you can catch up with us later!" Replied Brandon as he wondered off with Dana.

Paddy headed straight towards Route 2 in search of a Pichu, on his way he noticed a trainer,

"Hey! My names Matthew . Whats yours" Said Matthew eagerly. 

"Oh, hey Matthew! I'm Paddy, I'm in the search of a Pichu" Replied Paddy.

"Cool! I got a Gigi, Snivy and Gravitack!" Announced Matthew.

"Who is Gigi and Gravitack?" Asked Paddy

"I honestly don't know! I just saw them, pulled out my pokedex, scanned them and then caught them using my Snivy!" Replied Matthew

"Cool, hey wanna come and join me on a adventure?" Asked Paddy

"Ok... I guess..."