Japanese Name
Name: Snivy
Trainer: Matthew
Gender: Female
Ability: Overgrow
Episode captured: Unknown
Caught where: Trade
Traded to: Ash
Traded for: Pengi

Matthew's Snivy is a pokemon which Matthew revealed he got in a trade from a trainer called Ash (for a Pengi).



Vine whip

Leaf storm

Leaf blade

Imposed moves:Edit

Leafy protect: Snivy Break-dances and uses leaf storm. The leaves surroand it and protects it from ANY type of move (Including Fire and Flying) It then sends the leaf storm as the normal move

Pink Leaf Storm: It uses Attract and Leaf Storm at the same time. The attract mixes with the leaf storm, making it pink. when it hits, it does both damage and attracts normal effect (depending on gender).


Matthew: Snivy and Matthew Share a VERY close bond. She will try and protect him (the same back) and helps him win lots of battles

Other human charaters: She is quite friendly with other humans but the evil orgoastions.

Paddy's Charizard: Snivy has a Firery rivaly with Charizard since She keeps beating him in battles with the help of attract

Brandon's Chespin: She has a love intrest with chespin even though she WILL stay with matthew (chespin is not aware of this)